Montreal Canadiens Head Coach Martin St. Louis behind the bench for a road game against the Winnipeg Jets.
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Canadiens To Confront Major Challenge Following Martin St. Louis' Departure: New Statement Emerges

Published March 17, 2024 at 8:49 PM

Yesterday Montreal Canadiens head coach Martin St. Louis announced he would be stepping away from the team. After the shock has worn off discussion has begun on how the team will move forward without their head coach for the time being.

St. Louis Steps Away Due To Family Emergency

Last night the Montreal Canadiens announced that Martin St. Louis would be away from the Canadiens and the NHL for an unspecified amount of time.

Canadiens head coach Martin St-Louis will be away from the team for family reasons.

The news while shocking was reportedly received well by the team and of course by the fan base. Everyone has rallied around St. Louis and his family.

"That said, it's easy to understand that this is not trivial. One does not leave their team to be at the bedside of one of their sons for a mere sinusitis. Moreover, it's unknown how long St-Louis will have to be absent.

The health of a loved one is much more important than the performance of a team. And his players have understood that perfectly. As has everyone else." - Jonathan Bernier, JdeM

With that said the Montreal Canadiens still have over a month of the season left to play. This has raised questions about how the team will close out the season if their fearless leader does not return.

Canadiens Moving Forward Without St. Louis

While everyone wishes the best for Martin St. Louis and his family the players and staff still have games to play. With St. Louis behind the bench, development has skyrocketed in the Montreal Canadiens organization. Without his presence in the team, some concern has mounted that the development will be stunted.

"Still, it's worth wondering what the impact of this absence will be on the group.

This belief in progress, in the process, and in a bright future, this buy-in to the system and concepts by the players, comes from him.

Trevor Letowski, who has previously held the position of head coach in the Ontario Hockey League, will be very capable with the Xs and Os. But the main instiller of hope, the seller of iceboxes to Eskimos, that's St-Louis. (and they will have to continue without him for now)

That's the challenge awaiting the Canadiens. Tuesday night, for example, the Oilers won't be putting their foot on the brake to be good sports." - Jonathan Bernier, JdeM

It remains to be seen how the Canadiens will handle this absence long-term. Their next chance to show their skills under the new staff will come on Tuesday against the high-powered Edmonton Oilers roster.

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Canadiens To Confront Major Challenge Following Martin St. Louis' Departure: New Statement Emerges

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