Martin St. Louis With His Family
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Martin St. Louis' Reason For Leaving Canadiens Revealed

Published March 17, 2024 at 3:47 PM

The Montreal Canadiens have certainly had better seasons. However, it seems the worst was yet to come for their head coach Martin St. Louis who just announced his departure.

Martin St. Louis Steps Back From Montreal

While the race to the playoffs is still ongoing, Canadiens head coach made an unfortunate announcement that he would need to take a step back from his position. Although he left the reasoning vague, he mentioned it was for family issues, and would therefore leave Trevor Letowski as the interim coach.

"Montreal Canadiens coach Martin St. Louis will be away from the team indefinitely for family reasons.

In St. Louis' absence, assistant coach Trevor Letowski will assume head coaching duties."

Canadien Slips The Reason For Head Coach's Departure

While most fans of this Montreal team were okay with leaving the matter mostly private, one Canadien David Savard accidentally leaked some details about St. Louis' situation. During a first intermission interview, Savard said they were trying to win for the recently departed coach's son.

"We're going to try to get a win for his son"

Though we are all sure that the matter was intended to stay behind closed doors, this was a thoughtful gesture from Savard and the team. Fans have been quick to defend him and wish the family all the best.

While we are all still in the dark about the breadth of the situation, we hope you can join us sending all the best to Martin St. Louis' son and family during these troubling times.

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Martin St. Louis' Reason For Leaving Canadiens Revealed

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