Roberto Luongo Takes a Shot at Gary Bettman Over Handling of Marc-Andre Fleury Mask Situation

Published November 25, 2023 at 4:01 PM

Last night Minnesota Wild goalie Marc-Andre Fleury pulled a controversial move in defiance of the NHL and Gary Bettman. Since making the decision several fans and even NHL legends have come to Fleury's defense.

Fleury Defies The NHL And Bettman To Honor His Wife's Heritage

Last night reports came out that Marc-Andre Fleury was hoping to wear a new mask. The mask was meant to support Natvive American Heritage and his wife's culture. He was shot down by the NHL and prohibited from wearing it.

As part of Native American Heritage Night and to honor his wife, who is native, Marc-Andre Fleury had a custom-designed mask created by Cole Redhorse Taylor. Mask quotes his dad on back, has names of his kids.

He's bummed the NHL has informed him he can't even wear in warmups

Despite the NHL's warnings of punishment if Fleury wore the mask, he decided to go forward anyway.

Marc-Andre Fleury is wearing his Native American Heritage mask in warmups.

Fleury was the backup in the game so he did not get an opportunity to wear the mask in the game. However, his support for a cause he believed in generated a lot of support on social media.

Luongo Takes A Shot At Gary Bettman Over Fleury's Mask Situation

Last night as this situation blew up on social media an NHL legend joined the conversation. Roberto Luongo was just as shocked as everyone else that Fleury was denied and called the NHL out for it.

I mean come on what are we even doing here??????

The NHL once again shows they are miles behind every other sports league when it comes to supporting various social issues. As of now, Fleury has not been fined.

This further adds to the weak perception many have of the league when it comes to these scenarios.

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Roberto Luongo Takes a Shot at Gary Bettman Over Handling of Marc-Andre Fleury Mask Situation

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