Parker Wotherspoon hitting Matthew Tkachuk just before Matthew Tkachuk tries to hit him with his skate.
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Matthew Tkachuk facing backlash for dangerous play made with his skate

Published March 31, 2024 at 6:10 PM

Earlier this week the Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers faced off. During the game Panthers forward Matthew Tkachuk made a dangerous and irresponsible play with his skate and is now facing backlash.

On Tuesday night the Boston Bruins and Florida Panthers came together for a crucial Atlantic Division game. Partway through the game Matthew Tkachuk was engaged in a puck battle near the benches. As he battled Matthew Tkachuk fell down. After falling he swung his leg up and tried to kick Boston Bruins defenseman Parker Wotherspoon.

Matthew Tkachuk tries to kick out at Parker Wotherspoon with his skate blade. No call on the Panthers forward, and the Bruins end up shorthanded

The play in question seen above somehow led to a Florida Panthers powerplay despite the clearly dangerous nature of the play from Matthew Tkachuk. The play has drawn comparisons to a similar play that devastated the hockey world earlier this season and re-started the conversation on player safety.

Reckless actions from Matthew Tkachuk resurfaces tragedy involving Adam Johnson

After the play went viral on social media fans and media alike had an eerily similar feeling to a situation earlier this season. Former NHLer Adam Johnson sadly passed away after a similar type of incident involving a skate coming into contact with his neck.

Since Adam Johnson's passing, there have been many discussions on how to improve player safety. This includes a mandate requiring the use of neck guards by several hockey federations including USA Hockey. The introduction of neck guards in the NHL is likely coming before next season begins. Until that comes though the NHL could have made a statement and punished Matthew Tkachuk for not being able to control his body safely.

As the NHL season wraps up it will be interesting to see how quickly the discussion regarding neck protection begins. Hopefully for all the players involved a safe and amicable solution is found.

Source: Hockey Latest - Controversy surrounds Matthew Tkachuk after horrible dirty play
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Matthew Tkachuk facing backlash for dangerous play made with his skate

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