Stars' DJ redeems himself after unintentional Oilers charity troll

Graham Montgomery
May 27, 2024  (8:47 PM)

Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid posing with fan Ben Stelter, who passed away from cancer
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After Game Two of the Western Conference Finals, the Stars' DJ played "La Bamba" to troll the Oilers, which rubbed fans the wrong way. Luckily, he has made up for it with his actions afterward.

The Oilers changed their victory song to La Bamba last season for a special reason. The team was supporting a young fan Ben Stelter, who was battling cancer at the time. La Bamba was his favorite song which is why the team used it last season. Sadly, Ben passed away and as such, the team continues to use the song in his honor.
Upon learning about this story, the Stars DJ made a sizable donation to the Ben Stelter foundation and encouraged Stars fans to join him in making donations. Reportedly, more than 10 thousand dollars have been raised from the Dallas area since game two finished.
A radio DJ in Dallas played "La Bamba" in an attempt to troll the Oilers after Game 2, but after learning of the song's meaning to Joey Moss and Ben Stelter, the DJ apologized and donated to the Ben Stelter Foundation and encouraged Stars fans to do the same🧡

Fans were very appreciative of this move. While the internet can often tear people apart, it seems that in this case, the response was very reasonable as fans forgave him for his mistake and applauded his actions to try and make things right.
class move by the dj to correct his mistake

I love what he did
No one is above mistakes...your mistakes doesn't define you
But what you do next, defines you.

Game three of the Western Conference finals is underway tonight. It will be a pivotal game as the winner will take the lead in the series. Be sure to tune in to see which team will get the edge in their attempt to reach the Stanley Cup finals.
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Stars' DJ Makes Good After Unintentionally Trolling Oilers Charity
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Stars' DJ redeems himself after unintentional Oilers charity troll

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