Blockbuster trade proposal involving Mitch Marner to the Calgary Flames

James Connelly
May 29, 2023  (9:43)

The Flames' new GM could potentially make a blockbuster move to help their franchise get back to contending, but what would they have to give up to make it happen?

Blockbuster Trade Proposal Involving Marner to the Calgary Flames

There are rumors all around the NHL about what will happen next year, and more specifically, this offseason. Seemingly at the center of all the rumors are the Toronto Maple Leafs' core four: Auston Matthews, John Tavares, Mitch Marner, and William Nylander.
An interesting trade proposal has emerged from capfriendly.com that would send Mitch Marner to the Calgary Flames.

This trade proposal is something to marvel at but is also quite an underrated proposal. Let's take a look at the details of the trade and why it works for both sides.

Why Toronto Would Do This Trade

First off, every single piece being traded back to Toronto carries substantial value.
Rasmus Andersson is a top-pairing defenseman on a steal of a contract worth $4.55m for the next three seasons. Andersson's two-way play would provide stability on the blue line and be a great transition away from Mark Giordano.
Tyler Toffoli is likely the least valuable asset in this trade being sent to Toronto. Toffoli is in the last year of his deal but just had a 73-point campaign and would be an immediate replacement for Marner in the top six. Additionally, he is a fantastic leader, having just captained Team Canada to a IIHF World Championship gold medal!
Matt Coronato is the future top-six replacement for Marner. Coronato was drafted 13th overall in 2021 and was taken as a sniper. Playing at Harvard for the past two seasons, he has scored 38 goals over 68 games, which is a 46-goal pace in an 82-game season. He has already played in an NHL game and will likely be a full-time NHLer next season. If the Leafs were to acquire him, they would likely slot him in on the third line next year and promote him when Toffoli leaves.
The final piece in this deal is a 2024 first-round pick, which is unknown as of now but is still a great asset for the Leafs to have and could potentially result in them drafting a player of Marner's caliber if they scout well.

Calgary's Perspective

Calgary would do this trade for one reason: Mitch Marner.
Marner is undoubtedly the best player in the trade and is guaranteed to provide 90 points. He could potentially rejuvenate Jonathan Huberdeau and Elias Lindholm next season. He is also a massive upgrade over Tyler Toffoli, who is being sent away with this trade.
Steeves and the 2024 3rd-round pick are more like throw-in pieces to balance things out and could be a little more or less valuable, but they are just pieces to even out the deal.
This move also allows the Flames to keep all of their defensemen and give younger players a shot in the top six. While the move takes away one of their top defensemen, they have the depth to make the move and likely would not be too turned off by the trade.

My Critiques

Aside from some slight imbalances, the biggest thing I would add is Dan Vladar and probably downgrade the 2024 first to a 2024 second or 2024 third. Vladar is currently the Flames' backup and stopping top goalie prospect Dustin Wolf from breaking into the NHL. Wolf looks legit and could win multiple Vezinas in his career so it makes sense for Toronto to take on more cap to grant Calgary the opportunity to have their top prospect enter the league.
Aside from that, it is a fair trade in my eyes and would make sense if both teams wanted to pull the trigger on this deal.
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Blockbuster trade proposal involving Mitch Marner to the Calgary Flames

Who wins this trade?

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The Flames61440.2 %
Fair Trade31220.4 %
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