Rumor: Insider Reveals Patrick Kane's Next Contract and New Team

Published November 12, 2023 at 8:32 PM

According to this rumour making waves online, we now know where Patrick Kane will be playing next year.

Patrick Kane Rumoured to Have Signed with the Buffalo Sabres

Speculation regarding Patrick Kane's next contract has been occurring since the end of last season. As he continues to rehabilitate his injured hip post-surgery, Kane has delayed picking his next team until he felt he was ready to return to the NHL and had a better picture of the standings.

Now, according to this blogger, Patrick Kane will be signing a multi-year deal with the Buffalo Sabres.

It's going to happen sometime this week. Patrick Kane will sign with the Buffalo Sabres; two year deal in the $3.5-$4M per season range.

While there has yet to be an official announcement, Kane has been heavily rumoured to have Buffalo as a top choice. With his current training happening just a quick drive away in Toronto, it wouldn't be much of a surprise to hear an official contract announcement in Buffalo happen soon. Other Sabres media members, including Chad DeDominicis who has been credited for having the Dhalin extension, have reported the 2-year deal is on the table as well.

I'll just address what I know. As I reported last week, I believe a two-year offer was put on the table.

A few numbers I heard ranged from $3-4 million but please don't run with that. Not confirmed just sharing.

No official decision has been made that I'm aware of but

A Kane Multi-Year Contract in Buffalo Could Hurt the Sabres in the Long Run

Patrick Kane will certainly help out any team he signs with in the short term, as he would add depth scoring that is extremely valuable in the NHL. However, he is entering the end of his career, and when you consider his lacklustre defensive skills, his long-term value isn't very high. He would fit best in a team that is in a "win-now" mindset.

The Sabres, while they want to be competitive, may actually be hurting themselves in the long run by signing Kane to a multi-year deal. Doing so would push out one of their prospects for the near term, which could hurt their development in the NHL.

Patrick Kane will sign a two-year deal with Buffalo per @Ade780. Kane had a below-average season last year. However, he still should be capable to score at 0.7 PPG rate or something like that. But with that defense, yikes. Two-year contract is not ideal from Sabres' perspective.

Another reminder that a multi year deal for Patrick Kane will 100% block out a path for one of Buffalo's 1st round prospects who aren't that far from being NHL ready

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What's the plan with Benson, Savoie, Kulich, and Rosén?

We will wait and see what the official details are of Kane's next contract and whether or not he will be playing in Buffalo.

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Rumor: Insider Reveals Patrick Kane's Next Contract and New Team

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