Brad Marchand Shocks Fans With a Recent Move

Published March 22, 2023 at 3:08 PM

Brad Marchand is probably the NHL's most controversial player. The man is undoubtedly one of the most talented players in the world, but his on-ice antics have earned him quite the reputation. Many fans hate when their team plays against him, but would love him on their team, and it appears the players feel the same way, but after the NHLPA revealed the results of a recent player poll, fans noticed something about Marchand.

Marchand Goes AWOL on Twitter


Marchand is no stranger to social media, often using his platform to engage in arguments with fans, or just troll people. The NHLPA has been announcing the results of the player vote, and when announcing Marchand as the player NHLers would most rather have on their team than play against, fans noticed something about him.

It turn out Marchand has had enough of engaging with fans on social media, because when fans went to his account after the results of this poll, they were met with a message that read, "This account doesn't exist".

Unfortunately for Brad, he'll have to learn about his recent award from a teammate, rather than Twitter. His reasoning for deleting his account is unknown at the time. Maybe he's preparing for the Bruins upcoming playoff run, or maybe he was just bored of social media.

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Brad Marchand Shocks Fans With a Recent Move

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