Ottawa Senators veteran Claude Giroux against the Philadelphia Flyers.
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Insider Reveals Claude Giroux's Displeasure Over Ridly Greig's Disrespect in Leafs Game

Published February 12, 2024 at 5:39 PM
By now everyone has seen what went down between the Toronto Maple Leafs and Senators forward Ridly Greig. A NHL insider has just revealed what Greig's teammate thinks of his actions against the Leafs.

Friedman Reveals Giroux's Opinions On Greig's Actions

In case you missed exactly what happened, this is what happened.

After Greig showboats by taking a full speed slapshot on a breakaway on an empty net. The Sportsnet panel asked Greig's teammate Claude Giroux about his actions and Friedman and his partner Jeff Marek revealed what the veteran said.

"Claude Giroux, as we all know, a veteran hockey player, been around, seen a lot of things, understands the game within the game... He was really reluctant to comment much on this at all. I came away from watching that on Saturday night and saying I don't think that Claude Giroux was cool at all with what Ridly Greig did. He wasn't cool with what Morgan Rielly did afterwards. Maybe he understood it from an old-school point of view, but he didn't want to bury a teammate. To me, that was one of the most compelling things I've seen on hockey TV all season long." - Marek on Giroux's comments on Saturday night

Friedman believes that Giroux was not a fan of what Greig did. Bringing up hall of famer and feared defenseman Chris Pronger into the conversation. Friedman believes that if Pronger had been on the ice when Greig did that it would not have been good.

"When Claude Giroux played in Philadelphia, who was their leader?.. It was Chris Pronger, and if that had happened and Chris Pronger was on the ice, what do you think Pronger would have done? Never mind an in-person hearing, it might have been a felony if Chris Pronger had been playing.

When you talk about Giroux there, and knowing that Giroux was a Pronger disciple, he played for the Flyers.. If that happened against Philadelphia, like I said, there would be ambulances at the arena... Gritty would be led out in handcuffs if somebody did that against the Flyers.

Look - I have been a player in a game nowhere near as high-stakes as this, who has gotten angry in a tough, tough game - a really competitive game - when you feel that somebody is showboating you, right? It doesn't excuse going past the line, but I understand how it happens." - Friedman on understanding why Giroux wasn't pleased with either side

What Is Going To Happen To Morgan Reilly?

Whether or not we believe that what Greig did was wrong does not change the fact that the Maple Leafs will be without their star defenseman as he has been offered an in-person hearing by the NHLpa.

Meaning that the Leafs could be without him for over five games. It is up to Morgan Reilly himself to plead his case for a lesser suspension.

As Seen on Maple Leafs Daily - Insider reveals why Claude Giroux was upset with teammate Ridly Greig for showboating against Leafs
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Insider Reveals Claude Giroux's Displeasure Over Ridly Greig's Disrespect in Leafs Game

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