William Nylander Appears To Have His Mind Set On Where He Will Sign Contract

Published December 5, 2023 at 8:54 PM
Today William Nylander made some new comments that appear to have leaked where he plans to sign for the future of his career.

Nylander Lets Comments On His Future Slip In Recent Interview

In a recent interview conducted, Dave McCarthy asked William Nylander why he thinks Auston Matthews decided to re-sign in Toronto. Nylander's answer might have given us an early indication of where he plans to sign.

Knowing the Toronto Maple Leafs and what kind of team that is, it doesn't get any better than being here in Toronto for sure so I think that's why he obviously wanted to stay and win here, he knows, would be something special.

This quote seems to imply that Nylander knows there is no better place to play in the NHL than Toronto in his opinion. This attraction to playing in Toronto seems to indicate he wants to stick around long term. It also makes one wonder if he would be willing to return at a discount.

Can The Maple Leafs Make A Nylander Extension Work?

In recent weeks William Nylander has been playing fantastic. This has driven his price up from the start of the year significantly. This has led many to believe that the Maple Leafs will not have the ability to sign Nylander.

One piece of news that came through from the NHL yesterday could aid the Maple Leafs in getting a deal done. Multiple sources reported that the salary cap is expected to increase by around 4 million dollars.

The NHL updated governors today on the latest revenue projections for the season and as expected, the league told owners the salary cap for next season is projected to be around $87.7 million

This gives the Maple Leafs more wiggle room to work with than expected. If the Maple Leafs can use the increase along with Nylander's interest in being part of the team and the city things could work themselves out.

While we are a long ways away from an extension announcement this bit of news has fans in Toronto a little bit more hopeful for a happy ending than they were yesterday.
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William Nylander Appears To Have His Mind Set On Where He Will Sign Contract

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