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Wayne Gretzky Reveals The Craziest Contract He Rejected

Published December 25, 2023 at 11:38
Wayne Gretzky was offered a wild contract by the Vancouver Canucks but decided to turn it down to stay with the Oilers and win more Stanley Cups.

Gretzky Turns Down Hundreds Of Millions

Wayne Gretzky went onto the Spittin Chiclets podcast hosted by former NHLers Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney and shared some crazy stories from throughout his career.

Gretzky turned heads when he revealed the contract he declined from the Vancouver Canucks which would be worth hundreds of millions in today's money.

After Wayne Gretzky won the Stanley Cup, he was offered 25% of the @Canucks and a huge raise.

He declined. The rest is history.

Gretzky could have gotten a 375% raise plus 25% of the Canucks but decided it was more valuable to stay with the Oilers and compete for more cups.

Today the Canucks are valued at $1.32 billion and Gretzky's 25% cut would be worth a cool $330 million. While it makes sense that he would have wanted to contend for Stanley Cups, hundreds of millions is worth missing out on a cup or two.

In retrospect, this may have been the largest financial mistake from any NHLer in history. However, Gretzky is still worth $250 million today so he is still doing quite fine for himself.

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Wayne Gretzky Reveals The Craziest Contract He Rejected

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