Trade Emerges sending Matt Murray for All-Star Former Captain

Published June 18, 2023 at 12:47
The Leafs have been looking to move Matt Murray for a while now and may have the perfect trade partner in another Canadian team.

Leafs Look To Move Murray To Canadian Rival

The Leafs and Matt Murray's relationship has not been strong. The goaltender has yet to find his mojo in Toronto and it has led to some terrible games and now, the Leafs looking to move on from him.

With the Leafs considering buying him out, they could manage to get a top line player if they manage to play their cards right.


Trade Analysis

While on the surface, this looks like it makes little sense for the Jets, it makes a lot more than meets the eye.

Wheeler is as stripped of his captaincy last offseason and the Jets have been reportedly trying to trade him for a while now. Entering the final year of his contract, it is looking as if a buyout may be the only option for the Jets.

If the Jets were to decide to buyout Wheeler, it would cost the $2.75 million over the next two years.

However, if the Leafs were to buyout Matt Murray, it would cost them $687,500 next season and $2 million the year after.

In trading Wheeler for Murray and subsequently buying out Murray, the Jets would be saving over $1.5 million which is big for any financially struggling franchise.

The Leafs are able to get their top line guy for next season at a cheap price while the Jets save massive amounts of money.
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Trade Emerges sending Matt Murray for All-Star Former Captain

Who wins the mock trade?

The Leafs277459.8 %
The Jets48610.5 %
Fair Deal138029.7 %
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