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Sheldon Keefe Reveals Shocking Thoughts About Leafs Overtime Loss To Blue Jackets

Published December 15, 2023 at 10:14 PM
The Toronto Maple Leafs have become masters of the unlikely comeback to force overtime. Unfortunately, they have not mastered overtime yet. Last night the team showed both of these things to be true as they lost 6-5 to the Blue Jackets. Head coach Sheldon Keefe Had some interesting things to say about the game.

Keefe Shockingly Admits To Giving Up Against The Blue Jackets

While the words 'gave up' never exited Keefe's mouth, it is pretty clear that that is what he meant if you read between the lines of his statements following the game. The head coach admitted to setting the goal in the 3rd period not to come back in the game, but just to out some offensive pressure on the Blue Jackets.

"We didn't talk about coming back in the game or anything like that. We talked about competing. We talked about stopping the bleeding defensively.

The goal wasn't to come back for me. The goal I set for the group was to try to get to 20 shots in the period. With that, you are hoping it encourages the guys to attack the net and shoot the puck."

That being said, Keefe did express some positives coming out of the loss.

Keefe Commends Leafs For Valiant Effort In 3rd Period Comeback

The veteran head coach was pleased with the way his team responded being down 5-0 going into the 3rd period. Obviously it would be kind of hard to be disappointed in an effort in which the team scores 5 goals in a single period.

Keefe: "A lot of what went on tonight is not acceptable. But we remain positive throughout just knowing in a lot of ways it wasn't really our night. The guys went out & at least gave it a valiant effort toward making it our night and get a very important point out of it." #Leafs

We also got the added bonus of some NHL history being made. The Blue Jackets became the first team in NHL history to blow a five-goal lead in the 3rd period but still go on to win the game.

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Sheldon Keefe Reveals Shocking Thoughts About Leafs Overtime Loss To Blue Jackets

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