Rumour: Maple Leafs Reportedly Finalizing a Matt Murray Trade

Published June 22, 2023 at 11:48

Samsonov over Murray


Rumors surrounding Matt Murray have been everywhere. It seems clear that he won't remain in Toronto this summer. He'll either be traded or bought off and Treliving will bet on Ilya Samsonov to lead the Leafs in the playoffs.

Murray Trade in the Works

Apparently, Brad Treliving is actively looking to dump Murray's contract on another team. The Leafs will likely pay a team to buy him off.

At least, that's what a reported suggested on Twitter.

"I think a trade is coming, but not to dump his full contract, but basically pay another team to buy his contract out. Nobody is paying him 8M dollars worth of salary. I don't think it's gonna take a 1st to move him this way and I think they are finalizing it right now."

According to him, the Leafs are finalizing a deal to get rid of Murray.

Trading him would give Treliving some space to manoeuvre in the cap. When it's done, other signatures will probably be announced soon.

We'll keep you updated.
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Rumour: Maple Leafs Reportedly Finalizing a Matt Murray Trade

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