OHL Team Slams Gary Bettman Over Pride Stance

Published June 23, 2023 at 12:07

Bettman's Mistake

In the aftermath of his latest decision, Gary Bettman received a lot of criticism from the hockey community.

As you probably know, he announced that all special jerseys were removed from theme nights.

He did this after he met resistance from religious groups, concerning pride nights.

Let's recall that a lot of players refused to wear the jerseys and the controversy only grew bigger every day.

But now, some NHL players have expressed their discontentment and now, an OHL team destroyed him on Twitter.

OHL Team Destroys Bettman

The Oshawa Generals exclaimed prouldy what they'd continue to wear the pride jerseys and defend the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

Here's the statement:

"Uhm, anyway, we promise to make our 2023-2024 Pride Jerseys bigger and better than ever before.

Inclusivity matters. Advocacy matters. Showing up for your community matters."

Let's hope this inspires more team to do the same!

As reported on Markerzone - Top Junior Team Takes a Stand Against Gary Bettman
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OHL Team Slams Gary Bettman Over Pride Stance

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