Josh Holden, head coach, screaming at Tomas Jurco during a Spengler Cup game.
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NHL Veteran Attacked in Heated Scene With His Head Coach

Published December 31, 2023 at 10:41
A shocking scene unfolded during a game of the Spengler Cup, where a head coach attacked a player on the bench.

Head Coach Attacks NHL Veteran on the Bench


Tomas Jurco, who played 221 NHL games from 2013 to 2021 with the Red Wings, Blackhawks, Oilers and Golden Knights, is currently represinting his country, Slovakia, at the Spengler Cup.

Josh Holden, who played a few NHL games between 1998 and 2004, is Slovakia's head coach for the tournament. In a surprising twist, he completely lost it and attacked Jurco on the bench during a game.

Check out how it went down in the following video:

This is unacceptable behaviour from Josh Holden, who twice grabs and yanks Tomas Jurco during the Spengler Cup.

"Davos, meanwhile, has a 1-0 lead after 20 minutes of play.

Crazy moment at the end of the period as Davos coach Josh Holden and forward Tomas Jurco go at it. #SpenglerCup"

Absolutely ridiculous behaviour by Josh Holden on Tomas Jurco.

Get that shit out of here.

Some serious consequences should be announced soon. This type of coaching belongs to another time and no one wants to see incidents like these happen. Just imagine if this had been in the NHL. He would've automatically lost his job and all prospects of working in the League again.

Do you think Holden's coaching career is over?

As seen on Markerzone - Head Coach Physically Attacks Longtime NHLer at the Spengler Cup
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NHL Veteran Attacked in Heated Scene With His Head Coach

Do you think Holden's coaching career is over?

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