NHL Russian Prospect Stuns Hockey World

Published June 11, 2023 at 9:34 PM
The ongoing military conflict between Russia and Ukraine has had many unintended consequences on the hockey world. While it has become virtually impossible to see the Russian national team and their top prospects, it's also become incredibly difficult for players to cross over to North America.

Flyers Prospect Stuck in Russia

A few months ago we reported on a story involving Flyers goaltending prospect Ivan Fedotov, who was supposed to make the jump to North America. Fedotov was instead conscripted into the Russian military, where he's currently serving as a member of the Russian Navy.

This obviously prevented Fedotov from making the transition to North America, and he's been forced to play hockey on behalf of the Russian Navy as a result.

Fedotov Makes Waves in Hockey World

Every year, the branches of the Russian military each put together a hockey team for a popular tournament between the branches. Fedotov participated on behalf of the Navy and shocked many fans with his appearance.

It wasn't Fedotov himself that shocked fans, but rather the massive size difference between himself and his opposing team's netminder. Take a look for yourself.

Fedotov stands at a whopping 6'7", but the sheer difference in height is crazy to look at. Hopefully, Fedotov can return to his normal life soon, potentially even making an appearance with Philadelphia next season.

As Seen on Flyers Insider - Report: Fedotov Is Making Waves Around The League
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NHL Russian Prospect Stuns Hockey World

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