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Morgan Rielly Achieves An Astonishing Milestone For The Maple Leafs, Surpassing Expectations

Published December 20, 2023 at 6:09 PM
A recent observation has led many fans to realize that Morgan Rielly has accomplished a surprising milestone with the Maple Leafs this season.

Rielly Sees His Role Change After New Management Comes In

It is well documented that Morgan Rielly was asked to take on a much different role with the Maple Leafs when fellow defenseman John Klingberg was signed.

Klingberg would become the powerplay one defenseman while Rielly would take on more defensive responsibilities. This is something that Rielly is not known for but took on with no complaints.

Now that Klingberg is out for the season with an injury Rielly has had to take back on those offensive roles while still maintaining more defensive responsibilities. In his time taking on all of these roles Rielly has adjusted surprisingly well. He has also attained an astonishing accomplishment to this point in the season.

Rielly Achieves Astonishing Milestone While Surpassing Expectations

A new post on X has pointed out that Morgan Rielly has set a wild milestone this season that he has not done in previous seasons.

According to the post, Morgan Rielly still has not taken a penalty this season. This is unheard of for defensemen in general. A defenseman playing as much as Rielly does a night makes it even more impressive.

The fact that Morgan Rielly has excelled in heavy minutes facing difficult matchups without taking a penalty all season is incredibly impressive. I just assumed he had at least a couple.

While there is still a ton of hockey left to play this season this milestone is still impressive regardless. It will be fun to see how long Rielly can make it before he ends up with a penalty on his 2023-24 stat line.

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Morgan Rielly Achieves An Astonishing Milestone For The Maple Leafs, Surpassing Expectations

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