Maple Leafs Goalie Gives An Inside Look Into Strange Superstition

Published December 7, 2023 at 5:23 PM
Recently during a one-on-one interview, Maple Leafs goaltender Joseph Woll took fans inside one of the more unique superstitions of an NHL player.

Maple Leafs Goalie Opens Up About Strange Superstition

In an interview with's Dave McCarthy, he and Joseph Woll discussed superstitions. One superstition unique to Woll is when Woll decides to fully scrub down and wash his pads with soap and water. When asked why he does this Woll provided a pretty clever answer.

Glimpse into Joseph Woll

After practice Wednesday he sat at his locker with a sponge, soap and bath towel meticulously scrubbing his pads.

I said, «what are you washing all the saves off for?»

He said, «Only room for so many at a time. It's like clearing your history.»

Woll who this season has played well in 14 games is starting to carve out a roll for himself in the NHL.

Woll Takes His Superstition Into A Divisional Matchup

Tonight the Toronto Maple Leafs will go up against the Ottawa Senators in a heated rivalry. According to reports Woll is expected to be the starter tonight against the Senators.

Maple Leafs projected lines, according to Senators. (Faceoff percentages a nice touch.)

While Woll has been good this season consistency has seemed to escape him a bit. With a sub-par performance against the Bruins last time out maybe a good pad scrubbing will be just what is needed to help the Maple Leafs pull out the win against Ottawa tonight.

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Maple Leafs Goalie Gives An Inside Look Into Strange Superstition

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