Maple Leafs GM Brad Treliving Reveals His Strategy to Poach the Calgary Flames

Published December 3, 2023 at 2:39 PM
NHL Insider Elliotte Friedman just revealed GM Brad Treliving's grand plan to poach this Calgary Flame, bringing over his former team to the Leafs.

Elliotte Friedman Reveals Brad Treliving's Plan To Poach His Former Players

It's no question that the Leafs are on the search for another defenseman. Brad Treliving, former GM of the Calgary Flames, has a strong connection with the team, which is why Elliotte Friedman believes he will be going after Flames defenseman Chris Tanev.

Friedman believes that because of Treliving's previous relationship with Tanev, he might be willing to bring him on as a rental with hopes of signing him long-term.

"He's a Toronto guy, Treliving signed him (in Calgary), I bet you he'll have a good idea of what it will take to keep him (in Toronto)," Friedman opined in the most recent '32 Thoughts' podcast. "That's the one guy I think Toronto goes hard to get, because even if he's acquired as a rental, I think they're going to be pretty confident they can keep him. But we'll see."

Leafs Look To Add Defensively as They Continue to Suffer From Injury

Brad Treliving is in a particular position right now, as the Leafs continue to drop like flies from the blueline. With Giordano out, there comes a heightened sense of urgency to bring in a defenseman. After it was announced that Zadorov would be heading to the Canucks, this was heightened further.

Brad Treliving, speaking about his team at the quarter-mark: "From a manager's perspective, you're always looking at how you're playing. To me, we've been hit and miss. There's been some inconsistency in our game. Which is a little concerning and an area we'd like to improve upon..."

Probably a decent bit, but it's not like the other 31 teams are 100% healthy. It's a valid reason but it can only justify things to a certain point. Contender-level teams should be able to lose a couple pieces, especially non-star ones, and not go all the way to coin-toss hockey

Time will tell what Treliving is willing to give up to shore up his defensive unit. As the deadline gets closer, we will see how desperate he gets.

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Maple Leafs GM Brad Treliving Reveals His Strategy to Poach the Calgary Flames

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