Maple Leafs Auston Matthews Disrespected In Latest Ranking

Published December 5, 2023 at 6:23 PM
Today a new ranking from The Athletic has many fans shouting that Auston Matthews has once again been disrespected by NHL media.

New Rankings Throw Major Disrespect At Matthews

Recently The Athletic put together a list of the players in the NHL with the most trade value. The top of the list includes several superstars one of which is Auston Matthews. However, where Matthews falls on the list has some feeling he is being disrespected.


Matthews ends up 6th on the list. The surprising part is that he is behind rookie Connor Bedard as well as the Devils' Jack Hughes. Both of these players are stars in their own right. However, they have not yet had the individual success and accolades of Auston Matthews.

Both players are younger and less far into their career than Matthews which could explain the bump in value for them.

Is Matthews Underrated Within The NHL?

Auston Matthews is still considered one of the best players in the NHL by many people. However, this year it feels as though the hype has started to die back down a bit as other players break out.

In 2021-22 Matthews was electric winning the Hart Trophy as well as the Maurice Richard Trophy. Then last season Matthews had a huge fall off in points from 106 to a still respectable 85.

Other players like Jack Hughes during this time took the opposite jump. Hughes went from 56 points all the way up to 99 including 43 goals. This led many to jump him up their rankings for best player in the NHL.

Professional sports have always been a what have you done for me lately type of industry. Hockey is no different if a player takes a step back another player will come up to take their spotlight.

With Matthews on pace for production in between his two previous years is his ranking from The Athletic a fair one?
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Maple Leafs Auston Matthews Disrespected In Latest Ranking

Is Auston Matthews underrated?

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