Leafs Could Lose a Crucial Team Member From Their Front Office

Published June 2, 2023 at 3:17 PM
It's been a hectic couple of weeks for the Toronto Maple Leafs as they reshape their front office. The departures of Dubas and Spezza sting, but the bleeding might not be done just yet. According to a recent report, the Leafs could lose one of their most valuable front-office assets.

Leafs Could Lose Pridham

In the immediate days following Kyle Dubas' firing, the Leafs relied heavily on AGM Brandon Pridham, who acted as an interim GM. Now that Brad Treliving has taken over, there have been questions surrounding Pridham's job security.

"He's, to me, in my mind, one of the very best, if not the best at what he does in the league."

"I think we've got really talented people here, now I just have to get to know them." - Treliving on Pridham

While Treliving assured reporters that he likes Pridham, it might not be Treliving who fans should be worried about.

Dubas Coming Back to Haunt the Leafs?

Fans have started to speculate that Kyle Dubas could be trying to poach Brandon Pridham from Toronto, to fill in the currently vacant GM role in Pittsburgh. It would make sense, as Dubas has promoted Pridham a number of times during his tenure in Toronto.

One theory states that Dubas could have an agreement in place with Toronto to not approach Pridham until after the draft, as a similar deal was put in place by Calgary for Treliving.

Pridham certainly makes a lot of sense and could mentor another former Leafs executive, Jason Spezza, in an AGM role.

Should Treliving and Shanahan be worried?

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Leafs Could Lose a Crucial Team Member From Their Front Office

Should Dubas try to steal Pridham?

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