Jack Eichel Shares Two Funny Stories About Phil Kessel

Published December 17, 2023 at 4:21 PM
In a recent interview, Jack Eichel shared two funny story involving his former teammates Phil Kessel.


Kessel's Sense of Humor Highlighted in Funny Anecdote

Kessel played only a season with the Golden Knights, but it was enough to create lasting memories.

Eichel started by sharing a story involving Jonathan Marchessault. Durin a flinching contest, both players lunged forward to make the other flinch, but they hit each other by accident. Kessel had a bump on his head, and Marchessault needed stitched.

Kessel's reaction was as funny as it could be:

"God damn it, eh. F*ckin Marchy headbutted me. Look at this massive egg I got on my head."

Both players participated in that night's game despite these minor injuries.

Eichel Recalls Kessel's Unusual Diet /h2>


Following the game, in a train ride from Montreal to Ottawa, which is about a two-hour trip, Kessel complained about his head and another small injury he had in the game.

Kessel believed Coca-Cola would help with the pain. In the ride, he drank 4-5 cokes.

"After the game were taking a train to Montreal and Phil was like my head is just killing me. I gotta have a couple cokes.

These stories fuel Kessel's legendary reputation in the hockey world. We can't wait to see if he'll return later in the season to see what he does next.

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Jack Eichel Shares Two Funny Stories About Phil Kessel

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