Insider Reveals Maple Leafs Eyeing Two New Defensemen, But the Trade Price is Absolutely Ridiculous

Published December 8, 2023 at 5:53 PM
Today an NHL insider spoke about two new defensemen that could be on the trade market. The insider linked both to the Maple Leafs.

Maple Leafs Linked To Two New Defensemen

Today NHL insider Darren Dreger spoke about two defensemen that could be available via trade. Dreger believes that the Maple Leafs are in talks with the Philadelphia Flyers in connection with two options.

"Undoubtedly Toronto is talking to Philadelphia. Is it Nick Seeler, Sean Walker, maybe both?"

This report follows the weeks of reports that the Maple Leafs were looking to trade for two defensemen from the Calgary Flames. With Nikita Zadorov in Vancouver now the Maple Leafs might have moved on to their next option. This trade could come at a hefty price for the Maple Leafs.

Insider Reveals The Price For The Maple Leafs To Acquire A Defenseman

With the Maple Leafs connected to these new options on defense, Dreger also dove into what the price could be. If the Maple Leafs want one of these defensemen or another top option they will need to be ready to part with a top prospect.

"Toronto's not sitting there with a whole bunch of prospects they can trade. If you're a Leaf fan and you're excited about Fraser Minten, well, so are the Flyers. The assets you don't want to move are the ones they want and that makes the challenge for the GMs increase because those prospects that you already have, clearly are advanced over a draft pick that you don't have yet."

The Maple Leafs are now down several defensemen and their top goaltending option. If they are going to stay in the race for a top team in the East they need to make a move. However, if all of these injuries are long term it might be too late to patch one hole at a time.

It will be interesting to see how Brad Treliving digs the Maple Leafs out of the hole that injuries have now created for the team.

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Insider Reveals Maple Leafs Eyeing Two New Defensemen, But the Trade Price is Absolutely Ridiculous

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