Insane Trade Proposal Surfaces Involving Bedard to the Leafs

Published June 18, 2023 at 8:09 PM

Bedard To Blackhawks is Destiny

Connor Bedard is going first overall. Everyone knows that. The Chicago Blackhawks, who hold the first overall pick of this years draft, were basically telling their fans they will be selecting him come June 28th.

In this video, Bedard (number 98) is seen multiple times. The cat's out of the bag everyone.

Bedard to the Leafs?

Now, let's play the hypothetical game because it's fun to dream and play armchair GM. Hypothetically, if the rebuilding Blackhawks decided they wanted to speed up the rebuild and trade the pick to the Toronto Maple Leafs, what would it cost them ?

One proposal surfaced on Instagram, and fans have mixed reactions.

The Leafs get: The first overall pick in the 2023 NHL draft.

The Blackhawks get: Auston Matthews and a second round pick.

This is honestly a win for the Leafs. They get to grab Bedard, and use the money Matthews was taking up and spend it on areas where the team needs it. Bedard will no doubt be an impact player as soon as he gets to the NHL, so he fits their playoff window perfectly. You could also say that Toronto could use a culture/leadership change, given the quality of the players the team has had, but the success in the playoffs not living up to that high quality.

But, we have to remind you that this is just hypothetical. There is no chance the Blackhawks trade this pick. Fun exercise though !

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Insane Trade Proposal Surfaces Involving Bedard to the Leafs

Who would win this trade?

Leafs143463.7 %
Blackhawks81536.2 %
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