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Gary Bettman Officially Named A**hole Of The Year

Published December 19, 2023 at 11:07
Gary Bettman is probably the most controversial person in the NHL. Fans from all teams can agree: he doesn't make good decisions often.

Not only his management skills are widely criticized, but he continuously fails to understand modern and social issues, which earned him recognition from an organization.

Gary Bettman Named A**hole of the Year by Outsports


Outsports, an organization covering LGBTQ athletes in sports, gave the A**hole of the year award to Bettman.

He took steps to make sure the LGBTQ community would feel less welcome in the sport. Controversies followed him all year. His answer was simply to cave and do absolutely nothing.

More from Outsports:

"Gary Bettman, the commissioner of the NHL, is the undisputed Outsports Asshole of the Year, for his assault on the LGBTQ community in 2023.

Bettman oversaw one LGBTQ public relations disaster after another this year, and every step he took on behalf of the NHL made the situation worse...

Bettman was declaring war on his own game's equipment and, make no mistake, the LGBTQ community. It was one of the most insane policies a commissioner of a major sport had ever enacted especially in response to an act of prejudice."

- Outsports

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As seen on Puck Reporter - Gary Bettman Officially Wins Jerk Of The Year Award
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Gary Bettman Officially Named A**hole Of The Year

Do you think Bettman must be fired?

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