Gary Bettman Exposed By Insiders For The Way He's Handling Gambling In The NHL

Published December 7, 2023 at 4:53 PM
Today a sports business insider used his following on social media to call out Gary Bettman for his stance on gambling.

Insider Exposes Bettman For His Stance On Gambling

Sports insider and business insider Darren Rovell used his platform on X to call out Gary Bettman for his hypocritical stance on gambling.

Bettman used to be at the forefront against gambling with several other pro sports league commissioners. Now he is using the NHL to promote several different gambling platforms.

Less than a decade ago, Gary Bettman joined commissioners in opposing sports gambling, writing letters to the Supreme Court fighting its legalization.

Yesterday, @BetMGM added a licensed online slot game in NJ that has all 32 NHL team logos.

While this is not a surprising move from the NHL considering how much gambling especially sports gambling has taken over the world it is a bit disheartening.

NHL Promotes Continues Massive Support For Sports Gambling

In recent months the NHL has increased their support for sports gambling exponentially. From the deals with Bet MGM to other partnerships with their flagship broadcaster in the U.S. ESPN and their new betting platform.

PENN Entertainment announces partnership with the @NHL for online sports betting brands ESPN BET and theScore Bet.

Despite players like Shane Pinto being suspended due to being involved in gambling the NHL is allowed to participate in the promotion of it all they want. The NHL is showing a double standard here that just feels wrong.

While the NHL does want to continue to grow and improve doing so through something banned for their players might not be the best way to do so.

As Read On - Hockey Feed - Gary Bettman exposed when it comes to gambling in the NHL Are we really surprised?
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Gary Bettman Exposed By Insiders For The Way He's Handling Gambling In The NHL

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