Devastating Turn of Events for Top 2023 Overall Pick

Published December 8, 2023 at 5:16 PM

Fantilli Shares He and His Family Are Going Through a Tough Time

A new development concerning the Blue Jackets' Columbus 2023 first round pick Adam Fantilli shed a dark light on his recent performances.

During his last game, against the New York Islanders, he managed to score two goals and one assist despite an ongoing tragedy in his family.

Fantilli shared in a recent interview that his grandmother passed away recently, and it gave him extra motivation.

Here's the interview:

A Great Start in the NHL for 3rd Overall Pick Fantilli

Since the season started, Fantilli, 19, scored 15 points in 28 games, including seven goals.

Fantilli's making an impact in his team on his first year and he'll certainly grow into an even bigger important player for the Blue Jackets in the coming seasons.

More to come.

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Devastating Turn of Events for Top 2023 Overall Pick

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