Canucks Fans Furious After Gary Bettman Screws Over the Team

Published June 2, 2023 at 9:02 PM
"NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman often draws criticism, especially from Canadian hockey fans, for a variety of reasons. Currently, Vancouver Canucks fans are particularly upset with Bettman due to a recent change in a rule that previously cost the Canucks $50,000.

Canucks Fined $50,000

In April, several Canucks players, including Dakota Joshua and Jack Studnicka, took to the ice for extra training time with Daniel and Henrik Sedin. At first glance, this seemed harmless.


However, this action directly violated the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the NHL and the NHLPA, resulting in a $50,000 fine for the Canucks. The CBA prohibits team coaches and staff from conducting on-ice sessions with players during the off-season outside of designated training camps.

The updated rule 15.11 from the Memorandum of Understanding that amended the CBA after the COVID-19 hiatus reads: "Prohibited Off-Season Activities. Clubs are not permitted to have Club Coaching or Hockey Operations personnel (e.g., coaches, skating instructors, other Club employees, contracted service providers, etc.) participate in any on-ice sessions with Players". This rule was designed to prevent teams from making unreasonable demands on players' time through the NHLPA.

Bettman's Rule Change Affects Canucks

However, the rule has now been conveniently modified.

In reaction to the fine levied on the Canucks, the NHL and NHLPA have agreed to test a new policy this off-season. The updated policy allows players to request sessions with a skills coach employed by their team.

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Canucks Fans Furious After Gary Bettman Screws Over the Team

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