Brad Treliving's Potential Plan for Sheldon Keefe is Revealed

Published June 15, 2023 at 11:22

What's Going on With Sheldon Keefe?

A month ago, when the Leafs were eliminated and Dubas was terminated, everyone thought that Keefe would be the next one to go.

Sheldon Keefe still has a year left on his contract. But with Brad Treliving coming into the organization, anything could happen.

We don't doubt that Treliving is looking closely at all his options. A fresh start with a new coach could be a tempting idea for the new GM.

Turn of Events

Insider Darren Dreger believes that if Treliving wanted to change the head coach, it would have already happened. Therefore, Keefe should start next season behind the Leafs' bench.

"If Treliving was going to make a coaching change, he would have done it already. Let's see how things start for the Leafs. That's a decision that Brad Treliving may have to make in-season. Unless something dramatic changes in the days ahead here, I believe that Sheldon Keefe will be on the bench to start the year," said Dreger.

It would make sense to keep Keefe, at least for the first season of Treliving's tenure. If it doesn't work out, the management could make the decision to fire him during the season.


As reported on Maple Leafs Insider - Insider reports that Keefe may be used as a scapegoat in-season
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Brad Treliving's Potential Plan for Sheldon Keefe is Revealed

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