BREAKING: Massive Update Regarding Maple Leaf Timothy Liljegren

Published December 3, 2023 at 12:46
The Leafs lost Timothy Liljegren just over a month ago after a dirty play from Brad Marchand. We now have an encouraging update on his recovery.

Liljegren Back To Skating With Leafs

Last month the Bruins and the Leafs faced off for the first time this season. Newly appointed captain Brad Marchand took Timothy Liljegren hard into the boards and sprained his ankle.

Since this play, Liljegren has been sidelined. However, he is on the road to recovery and is already skating.

Liljegren, a month and a day after the non-penalized Marchand trip caused a high ankle sprain. #Leafs

While he has yet to skate with the team, seeing him on the ice and practicing is plenty encouraging for the Leafs faithful.

The Leafs are currently without a couple of defensemen so Liljegren's return will help them out tenfold.

As seen on Hockey Feed - Critical health update on Leafs D Liljegren
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BREAKING: Massive Update Regarding Maple Leaf Timothy Liljegren

Should Marchand have been penalized for the initial injury?

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