BREAKING: Maple Leafs Make Controversial Decision on Tonight's Starter vs The Predators

Published December 9, 2023 at 12:52
In breaking news, the Toronto Maple Leafs have decided who will start in net tonight, and it has some fans confused, raising eyebrows about the decision.

Leafs Decide to Start Samsonov After Missing Practices Due to Illness

The Toronto Maple Leafs seem to be cursed this year with the injury bug, as they have seemingly lost half their starting defensemen to injury and now have lost Joseph Woll, arguably their best goaltender, to a high ankle sprain.

Woll needed help getting up, couldn't put any weight on his left leg

For tonight's game, there were many questions surrounding who would get the nod in net given Woll's absence. Ilya Samsonov, Woll's counterpart, had missed several practices due to injury, which is why the Leafs were forced to call up Martin Jones from the Marlies. Jones closed out the win against the Senators after Woll went out with an injury.

Joseph Woll is the confirmed starter tonight against the Bruins

Martin Jones will back him up, called up on an emergency basis due to Ilya Samsonov being out with an illness.

With Samsonov missing so many practices, many anticipated Jones would have his first start with the Leafs. However, it was announced today that Samsonov would get the start.

It looks like Ilya Samsonov will get the start in goal for the #leafs tonight with Joseph Woll sidelined by a high-ankle sprain.

Samsonov has had a rough start to the season, not coming out in the same form he had in the playoffs last year for the Leafs. He has a 3.58 GAA and .878 save percentage and has been pulled twice already this year.

Hopefully, with Woll being out for the next few weeks, Samsonov can use this push to find his game.

As seen on Maple Leafs Daily - "Leafs make confusing, controversial decision on who will start in net against Nashville"
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BREAKING: Maple Leafs Make Controversial Decision on Tonight's Starter vs The Predators

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