Sidney Crosby skates during a Pittsburgh Penguins game.
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Rumor Alert: Sidney Crosby Names Preferred Trade Destinations

Published March 7, 2024 at 5:56 PM

It's hard to imagine Sidney Crosby in any other jersey than black and gold. Yet, it's a possibility now. The buzz surrounding this hockey legend is reaching a fever pitch, and it looks like talks are heating up.

Major Rumors: Sidney Crosby Considering Leafs and Avalanche in Potential Trade Talks

Crosby has given a shortlist of three teams he'd be open to considering if they came knocking about a trade, either now or in the offseason, with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Colorado Avalanche reportedly on the list.

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Rumors surrounding Sidney Crosby are intensifying more than anticipated. While nothing is official yet and there are many moving parts, discussions are underway. According to a reliable source, he provided a list of three teams he'd consider if they approached him about a trade, either now or in the offseason. The Leafs and Avalanche are on this list. This doesn't mean the Leafs would acquire him immediately, but they are among his considerations if a serious offer were made.

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Ever since he inked that $8.7 million deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins back in 2013, Sid the Kid has been an absolute steal. His legendary acts, including two more Stanley Cups, have been worth way more than that price tag, making him one of the best bargains in the entire league.

Even though he's nearing 37, Crosby could easily command a salary north of $10 million annually if he hit the open market. Yet the Penguins have been lucky to have him locked in at a lower rate. Over the years, that $8.7 million has become an even better deal as the salary cap has risen by 14%.

It's unlikely he will be demanding top dollar this Summer. At his age, not many players can command a hefty paycheck. While it's unclear what his next deal will look like, it's safe to assume it'll be in the ballpark of his current $8.7 million, if not lower. That said, Crosby wants to win, and right now, the situation in Pittsburgh isn't exactly screaming "Cup Contender." The Penguins are poised to miss the playoffs for the second straight season despite Crosby still playing at the top of his game.

So It makes sense why No. 87 would want out of Toronto makes sense. He would play in his hometown of Canada, not to mention with Auston Mathews. As for Colorado, Crosby would play alongside his fellow Nova Scotia native Nathan McKinnon.

However, none of this means Crosby's packing his bags for Toronto or Colorado. It's more of a sign that these teams are on his radar if a tempting offer comes their way. Pretty exciting stuff, right? Let's keep our eyes peeled and see how this all unfolds!
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Rumor Alert: Sidney Crosby Names Preferred Trade Destinations

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