Referee Kelly Sutherland accused of possibly rigging multiple games

Graham Montgomery
May 10, 2024  (8:04 PM)

NHL referee Kelly Sutherland chatting with Quinn Hughes on the right and Connor McDavid on the left
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The Vancouver Canucks are looking to take a 2-0 series lead over the Edmonton Oilers tonight, but they will have to fand a way to win even with Kelly Sutherland being one of the game's referees.

Sutherland has a reputation for being one of the worst referees in the entire NHL. He has a long history of questionable calls, including many involving the Canucks. In fact, the team has an 0-7-1 record in their last eight games where Sutherland was an official. Just a coincidence? Perhaps. Not all fans agree. One in particular, thinks Sutherland was sent in to save the Oilers season.
Oilers are down 1-0 and Kelly Sutherland gets the call. I don't think it's a coincidence. He is the NHL's Scott Foster (the league's ref). League wants McDavid to win and I would bet anything oilers get a lot of calls tonight.

That being said, there has been a lot of debate about Sutherland online. Most fans seem to agree that he is simply a bad referee. That does not necessarily mean that the league is rigging games by sending him in though.
Two truths here. 1) You are indeed a a weepy widdle baby if you think the NHL is rigging games against your team.

2) Kelly Sutherland is quite bad at his job.

Part of the Canucks fanbase online is attempting to change the narrative surrounding Sutherland as they do not want any excuses. At the end of the day, it is the team's job to go out there and win, regardless of who is wearing the strips for that particular game.
Everyone stop bitching about Kelly Sutherland? There's been this "the league is rigged against us" loser mentality that's permeated through the fanbase since 2011. Don't need those bad vibes right now


Canucks head coach Rick Tocchet also addressed the fact that Sutherland is officiating tonight. He did not express any particular concern about the officiating ahead of the match.
«I have a great relationship with Kelly,» says Rick Tocchet about tonight's ref Kelly Sutherland.

Says he's seen some of the stuff about the #Canucks record in games Sutherland officiates but doesn't care

We will just have to see if Tocchet is still singing the same tune by the time tonight's game is over.
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NHL referee Kelly Sutherland accused of possibly fixing games
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Referee Kelly Sutherland accused of possibly rigging multiple games

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