Insider Wants To Make Massive Changes To The NHL

Tyler Ball
September 2, 2023  (10:39 PM)

The rules and regulations of the NHL are constantly changing. Some rules are created or changed while others are removed. Today an NHL insider suggested several rule additions or changes to spice up the game.

Johnson Changes The Rules

NHL insider and NHL Network analyst Mike Johnson had a segment today where he talked about NHL rules. He discussed several that he believes need changing. Most of the rules he would like to see changed are in line with creating more offense and scoring.
The first rule change that Johnson proposed is in regard to hand passes. Currently, hand passes are only allowed in the defensive zone. Johnson argues that if they are to be allowed they should be allowed in all situations.
"From now on going forward, we're going to allow hand passes from every player in every zone," said Johnson. "There's no reason why a defensive team if the puck's in there I can grab it and give it and break it out, but as an offensive player I can't. Why would I not have the same rules for the offensive team as the defensive team?"

This would allow players in puck battles or when a puck is batted up in the air to use their hand to move the puck to a teammate. This would likely allow for more plays to be made as players could react off of instinct and not have to worry about a hand pass.
The next two rules relate to scoring goals. The first is changing the rule around goals that are deflected or kicked in with a skate. Johnson wants to allow these goals all of the time with one exception. A player being in the goaltender's crease will negate the goal.
"The other... any goal off a skate counts," said Johnson. "Here's my safety amendment.... except in the blue paint."

Along the same lines, Johnson also wants the high-sticking rule in relation to goals to be outlawed. Players are allowed to bat or tip pucks at any height. However, if they hit a player with their stick they get a two-minute penalty that does not end even with a goal.
There is no high stick rules for goals," added Johnson. "People don't swing their stick at pucks, and if they do and they hit you in the head, you go to the box and you don't get to come out when they score two goals."

With this rule, scoring would likely increase due to players being more likely to try for tips in front. There would also likely be an increase in high sticking penalties.

Will The NHL Implement These Rule Suggestions?

While these rule changes are likely just a fun exercise to pass time in the offseason a few of them may have potential.
Changing the hand-pass rules feels like a common sense step. If it is allowed in one area of the ice why not others? Changing the rule would not present a safety risk or any new unfair advantages.
On the other hand, the scoring rules related to kicked pucks or tipped and batted pucks may be a bit more complex to approve. There are obvious safety risks to allowing these types of goals.
With regard to sticks, they are more likely to end up hitting someone in the face or elsewhere while going for tips at higher heights. When it comes to kicked pucks the kicking motion could end up in a safety hazard for players. Particularly goaltenders who are lower to the ground where skates and kicks would come from.
We are not likely to see any of these rule changes soon. There is a conversation to be had though on how to liven up hockey again and increase the action and scoring to help casual viewers enjoy the experience more.
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Insider Wants To Make Massive Changes To The NHL

Will the NHL implement any new rules regarding scoring with a kicking motion or a high stick?

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