Former DIII NCAA women's hockey players and teammates Sidney Capolino and Meghan Moore
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Two Former NCAA Teammates Fall Victim to Horrific Incident

Published March 21, 2024 at 7:06 PM

Two teammates of New England College's women's hockey team were victim of a horrible incident in Miami Florida. They were just twenty-three and twenty-five years old.

Division three NCAA teammates victims of horrific fatal crime

New England College teammates and friends Sidney Capolino and Meghan Moore were found d**d last weekend in Miami Florida Sidney was just 23 years old and Meghan was 25. The tragedy came after Meghan was reportedly being aggressively s******d by an obsessed stranger.

We regret to inform you of the passings of Sidney Capolino (23) and Meghan Moore (25), former players of New England College (NCAA III).

The pair were victims of a double m****r s*****e in Miami last weekend, as they were sh*t to d***h by somebody who was described as an "obsessive s*****r of Moore."

What is going on in this world🤬

Former DII New England College teammates Sidney Capolino and Meghan Moore, who were twenty-three and twenty-five respectfully, were the victims in a double m****r at the hands of an obsessive s******r of Moore in Miami 😳

Moore graduated from New England College in 2021 and Capolino finished her program the following year. There have been mixed reports about further details in the case. Miami police initially reported that Moore was dating the man who committed the crime but her family has since denied this claim.

New England college posted about the story online, offering support to students who may need it after this horrific news.

We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of two recent graduates, Sidney Capolino '22 and Meghan Moore '21. They were known to many on campus and we are keeping their families and friends in our thoughts and our prayers. Please contact if you need support.

The team here at HockeyPatrol would like to send our deepest condolences to Sidney and Meghan's families in this difficult time.

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Two Former NCAA Teammates Fall Victim to Horrific Incident

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