Oilers fan vanishes from internet after viral video of flashing her chest

Graham Montgomery
June 8, 2024  (10:28 PM)

A fan in the stands at Rodgers Place immediately before and after flashing the crowd
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The Oilers fan who went viral for flashing the crowd at Rodgers place has since deleted all social media and evacuated the internet, according to TMZ.

The story came out during game five of the Western Conference final between the Edmonton Oilers and Dallas Stars. While the game was in Dallas, Edmonton had a watch party inside Rodgers Place and one fan went a little too crazy after the win.
Ice hockey fan goes viral after flashing crowd during NHL Playoff.
She then started shaking from side to side before dropping her top and looking at the camera

During the game, a female fan was seen lifting her Oilers jersey up to flash her chest

The story quickly made its way around the internet as hockey outlets everywhere sought to capitalize on the drama. It was perhaps a much greater response than the fan was expecting in the moment. This could explain why she decided to delete her socials after the incident.
#EXCLUSIVE: The woman who became an internet sensation for exposing her boobs in support of the Edmonton Oilers has disappeared from the internet!

The Oilers advanced to the Stanley Cup finals, becoming the first Canadian team in the finals since 2011. However, they are currently in trouble in game one, as they are down 2-0 to the Florida Panthers heading into the 3rd period. The winner of game one typically wins the series, so the Oilers will have to fight for their lives in the 3rd to get that crucial advantage. Meanwhile, there fans may want to settle down, at least in terms of publicly flashing people.
Taking a two-goal lead to the third!

Be sure to tune in for the rest of the Stanley Cup finals to see who will lift lord Stanley's Cup in 2024.
Source: HockeyTradeRumors
Oilers fan who flashed deletes social media and disappears after viral video
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Oilers fan vanishes from internet after viral video of flashing her chest

Who do you think will win the Stanley Cup finals between the Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers?

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