NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman speaks during a news conference in Toronto on Friday Feb. 2, 2024.
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Gary Bettman Adds New NHL Rule After Linesman Gets Injured in Jets Game

Published March 20, 2024 at 4:37 PM

A new rule was implemented by the NHL after a linesman got injured in a recent game between the Winnipeg Jets and the Minnesota Wild.

During the game, a linesman was accidentally cut by a player's skate. The player was sitting on the boards, waiting to jump on the ice. After this incident, the League decided to take action.

NHL Implements New Rule After Linesman Gets Injured During Game

In light of the linesman's injury, players won't be able to sit on the boards while they wait to get on the ice. First, teams will be warned, then penalized if the offense is repeated.

The League explained their decision by stating that sitting on the boards poses a safety threat for everyone on the ice and that it's not good hockey.

"Effective immediately, players can't sit on boards awaiting line changes. A team will get warning first, then refs will be instructed to apply penalty that's already in rulebook. NHL feels it's not good hockey + dangerous. Linesman was cut by skate in Wild-WPG game by a Jet"

Sitting on the boards is often a way for players to get a small edge. However, protecting referees and players is more important than making quick changes.

In that logic, should the NHL ban fighting, considering the time a referee was hit by a player by accident in a brawl between the Buffalo Sabres and the Detroit Red Wings?

General Managers Debate on Major Issues in Annual Meeting, Including Overtime Format

The NHL held their annual general managers' meeting and many changes in the rulebook were announced.

Among the other things discussed by the GMs at the meeting, coach's challenges drastically changed concerning delay of game and high-sticking calls.

They also discussed the overtime format. No changes were announced yet, but it could have laid the groundwork for the next GM meeting.

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Gary Bettman Adds New NHL Rule After Linesman Gets Injured in Jets Game

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