Former Buffalo Sabres goaltender Mika Noronen playing in a home game against the Ottawa Senators in the NHL.
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Former NHL goaltender found guilty given jail time

Published May 14, 2024 at 11:02

A new update has been provided in the case of former Buffalo Sabres goaltender Mika Noronen. According to sources Mika Noronen has been sentenced in Finland for tax fraud.

A few months ago reports surfaced confirming that Mika Noronen was going to be on trial for tax fraud. At the time of the report the exact origin of the fraud was unknown. Now that origin an his punishment have been confirmed.

The reports from a Finnish news outlet confirms that Mika Noronen received an NHL pension. When he received the payment he did not pay taxes on this income leading to the arrest for tax fraud.

"It was his NHL pension. Noronen played in the NHL for several seasons during his career and was entitled to a pension of almost [$150,000 USD].

The pension was triggered when the ex-goalkeeper turned 40 in June, 2019. Noronen reported his tax number to the US authorities in Finland and requested payment to a Finnish bank account.

The money arrived in Noronen's account. The following spring, Noronen received a pre-filled tax return but failed to declare his pension income."

After the ruling Mika Noronen provided a statement saying he did not mean to commit fraud and the lack of payment on the taxes was a simple mistake.

"My intention was not to avoid tax. I wanted to pay my taxes in Finland, because this is where I live and where my children live."

In his time in the NHL most of Mika Noronen's playing time came with the Buffalo Sabres.

He will now serve a 60-day suspended sentence after the judge reached a decision. This is a severely shorter sentence than the prosecution was hoping for of 8 months. The shorter sentence comes due to no previous charges for Mika Noronen in the Finnish justice system.

Source: Blade of Steel - Former NHL goaltender convicted of found guilty in Finland
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Former NHL goaltender found guilty given jail time

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