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Insider explains why trading Mitch Marner will not be an issue

Published May 14, 2024 at 9:56

Toronto Maple Leafs forward Mitch Marner has a no-movement clause. However, one insider suggests that this might not be decisive if the Leafs decide to discuss waiving it with him.

Colby Cohen and Frank Seravalli discussed this on Daily Faceoff.

Colby Cohen:
I think the Mitch Marner situation is much more complicated than people realize because he has all the leverage.

Frank Seravalli:
I have to stop you there. What leverage?

Colby Cohen:
Well, the leverage would be the no-move clause and his $11 million salary.

Frank Seravalli:
That means nothing to me. Put yourself in Mitch Marner's shoes. The Toronto Maple Leafs come to you and say, 'Hey, you're entering the final year of your deal, and we're letting you know now that under no circumstances are we re-signing you to an extension. Your choice is you can either play out your all-important contract year on a team that does not want you here, and in a market that clearly does not want you here, or you can work with us to facilitate a trade. Whether it's your last game in Boston, Game 7, or whether it's Game 82 or whenever we bow out of the playoffs next season, your time as a Toronto Maple Leaf has come to an end. Boom. Period. End of story. No-movement clause becomes a non-factor.

After eight seasons, he's just not cutting it in the playoffs, especially with Matthews and Nylander locked in long-term. The no-move clause and the hefty $11 million cap hit aren't exactly helping matters either.

Yet, Seravalli makes a valid point. Marner is unlikely to want to stay where he's not wanted, especially in a contract year. He'd be better off finding a new home where he's valued and can cash in on that big paycheck.

It's time for Marner and the Leafs to part ways, and sooner rather than later. GM Brad Treliving and the brass need to make it happen, pronto.
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Insider explains why trading Mitch Marner will not be an issue

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