Cherry reveals why the Maple Leafs will not do good in the playoffs.

Published May 11, 2021 at 6:23 PM

In a recent episode of his podcast 'Grapevine,' hockey commentator Don Cherry shared his doubts about the Toronto Maple Leafs' potential for playoff success this season.

Cherry's comments have sparked controversy among Leafs fans and analysts alike.

They'll go with Jack Campbell

Cherry stated when discussing the Leafs' goaltending situation.

Freddy Andersen is a great goaltender but he hasn't played, and (Campbell) has only lost two games. He looks like he's a cocky guy, but the playoffs are a whole different game.

Cherry further criticized the Leafs for their lack of physicality, suggesting that this shortcoming would hinder their playoff performance. He highlighted the Boston Bruins as a team that exemplifies the physicality necessary for a deep playoff run.

These remarks have not been well-received in Toronto. Fans and critics have pushed back, especially against Cherry's characterization of goaltender Jack Campbell. Many argue that Campbell is anything but cocky, often praising his humility and team-first attitude.

Despite the backlash, Cherry's extensive experience in hockey lends weight to his opinions. While his views may be polarizing, they certainly add to the ongoing debate about the Leafs' playoff prospects.

For more details, you can watch the full podcast episode here:

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Cherry reveals why the Maple Leafs will not do good in the playoffs.

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