We now know how much $$$ the NHL will make with JERSEY ADS

Published August 22, 2021 at 1:35 PM

We now know, according to Thomas Drance of The Athletic, that the league has decided to move forward with this project before it's too late. With the NBA having already started the process for its 30 rosters, companies willing to pay the price are becoming increasingly limited.

Based on NBA teams, they charge an average of $20 million for jersey advertising space. According to Drance, the league will add about $150 million to its coffers with these ads. When you consider that the space on NHL jerseys will be a bit larger than the space on NBA jerseys, this could very well happen.

We can therefore say that this new source of revenue will be very interesting for the NHL teams as well as for the league, which will once again increase its revenues. We know that an increase in the league's revenues will eventually lead to an increase in the payroll, which is not a bad thing for some of the league's teams.

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We now know how much $$$ the NHL will make with JERSEY ADS

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