Top 10 Weirdest Places the Stanley Cup Has Been

Published August 9, 2021 at 8:36

#10 Forgotten On The Side Of The Road


The Stanley Cup was not nearly as large in 1924 as it is today, so it is at least a little bit more understandable that it could be misplaced somehow. Still, the fact that the 1924 Montreal Canadiens left it behind in a snowbank remains a massive oversight. The Cup had been stored in the trunk of the car, and on the way to a celebration, the car got a flat tire. The players changed the tire but forgot to put the Cup back in the trunk afterwards. The Cup remained in the snowbank for some time before the players realized they had left behind one of the celebration's most important guests.

#9 Bled Castle In Slovenia


In 2012 with the Los Angeles Kings, Anze Kopitar became the first man from Slovenia to win the Stanley Cup, and he didn't pass up the opportunity to bring the Cup to the ancient castle that rests along the shores of Lake Bled. Kopitar brought the Cup across the lake via a wooden gondola before posing for photos throughout Slovenia's famed castle. According to the Los Angeles Times, Kopitar said his day with the Cup and the trip to Bled Castle was «like Christmas and my birthday all wrapped together.»

#8 On The Sets Of Countless TV Shows


Being the most famous trophy in sports certainly has its perks, as the Stanley Cup has been a guest star on countless TV shows, co-starring alongside luminaries that include William Shatner and Alec Baldwin. Shatner knocked the Cup off a balcony as part of an episode of Boston Legal, though this certainly wouldn't have been the first time that the Stanley Cup has had a serious fall. In addition to Boston Legal, the Cup has also appeared on 30 Rock, Guiding Light, Chicago Fire and on the set of Heroes, where it was licked and kissed by Hayden Panettiere.

#7 In The Shower With Steve Yzerman


Hockey players cherish their day with the Cup, and there are many stories in which they try to maximize the amount of time they spend with it. Sidney Crosby slept with the Cup and other athletes have even gone so far as to kick their wives out of the bed so that there would be adequate room for Lord Stanley's Cup. In the case of Steve Yzerman, he decided that the Cup should never leave his side, so he brought it into the shower with him during his day with the Cup after winning a title with the Detroit Red Wings.

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