The New Jersey Devils are looking to deal PK Subban

Published February 7, 2022 at 9:02

Any general managers got some extra cap space? Because New Jersey are looking to deal the one and only defenceman PK Subban.

General manager of the Devils, Tom Fitzgerald spoke with Mike Morreale of and the Devils GM mentioned that, " If this team is going to make a move on someone like Subban or anyone else this season they are looking at making a hockey trade more than just picking up prospects or draft picks." Fitzgerald noted " The Devils are looking to add" and? then said, « you can never have enough good players at every position. »


PK Subban is the team's biggest name potentially available to send out to get what they need but it's not clear if they'll be much of a market for the defenseman at the deadline. His $9 million salary is a major roadblock. As for what the Devils are looking to pick up, Fitzgerald notes,

Is there a hockey trade you could make to not only help your team immediately, but the future? Somebody in the age demographic of where we're at with the core of our team. Is there a hockey trade that makes sense for us more long term, but can help jumpstart us now.

PK Subban is a pending UFA but has that $9,000,000 cap hit. Subban is 32 and has 112 goals, 348 assists, for a total of 460 points in 799 Career games. PK Started his career with the Montreal Canadiens but was traded to Nashville then traded to his current club the New Jersey Devils.
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The New Jersey Devils are looking to deal PK Subban

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