Don Cherry Speaks of the Freedom Convoy AGAIN!

Published February 6, 2022 at 9:55 PM

There's been a lot of people talking about the on going protest in Ottawa Ontario with the Freedom Convoy getting discussed by alot of people including athletes, and celebrities.

One of the most proudest Canadians Don Cherry, who's already shown his support on the situation, had more to say on this matter supporting those who are protesting in Ottawa.

"I think we should talk about the truckers," said Cherry at the start of his podcast on Sunday. "My favorite guys."

Cherry however would also express his concern that the trucker convoy may have worn out its welcome. It didn't come off as Cherry himself believed this, but more as a concern that he had, that public opinion could be turning against their protest. Cherry would continue saying,

"Here's my feeling, and I could be wrong, I've never been wrong but I could be wrong," joked Cherry. "I would make a point, a week is a week. I think after a week you start to get on people's nerves."

Cherry was also concerned that even a small number of bad actors among the truckers could paint them in an unfavorable light, and expressed even more concern about how things could result in the media put a spin on things and the ones acting like fools would make the protest look bad.

Cherry continues, "If there's 800 lawyers you're gonna have at least 10 that are gonna be jerks and that's what happened. That is what happened and the media picks up on it and you can not stop the media, that's their job. Anything that looks bad to the truckers and it goes back to the truckers, they get the blame."

Cherry also expressed his understanding for why they were still out in the streets of Ottawa however, pointing out that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has thus far refused to speak with the protesters and probably won't with the way Trudeau avoids things.

"It would take it one week, but they want Trudeau to talk," sighed Cherry.

Cherry also seem to have a great deal of respect for the farmers who made their way down to Ottawa on their tractors of all things.

Cherry went on to say, "by the way I really have to admire those tractors that showed up said Cherry with a laugh."

Cherry vocalized his concern and feels that the truckers may have worn out their welcome, but he went on to say that they should not give up their fight and maybe return at a later date if their demands haven't been met.

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