The NHL Insiders predictions for the Stanley Cup Playoffs are in

Published May 15, 2021 at 1:52 PM

Toronto vs. Montreal


Elliotte Friedman: Leafs in 6
Chris Johnston: Leafs in 6
Caroline Cameron: Leafs in 5
Jeff Marek: Leafs in 5
Jennifer Botterill: Leafs in 5
Eric Francis: Leafs in 5
Wayne Scanlan: Leafs in 5
Colby Armstrong: Leafs in 6
Mike Futa: Leafs in 5
Nick Alberga: Leafs in 6
Sarah Nurse: Leafs in 5
Gord Stellick: Leafs in 5
Ryan Dixon: Leafs in 6
Gene Principe: Leafs in 6
Luke Fox: Leafs in 5
Eric Engels: Leafs in 7
Mark Spector: Leafs in 6
Justin Bourne: Leafs in 5
Christine Simpson: Leafs in 5
Ken Wiebe: Leafs in 6
David Amber: Leafs in 6
Dan Murphy: Leafs in 5
Kyle Bukauskas: Leafs in 6

Edmonton vs. Winnipeg


Elliotte Friedman: Oilers in 6
Chris Johnston: Oilers in 5
Caroline Cameron: Oilers in 5
Jeff Marek: Jets in 6
Jennifer Botterill: Oilers in 6
Eric Francis: Oilers in 6
Wayne Scanlan: Oilers in 6
Colby Armstrong: Oilers in 6
Mike Futa: Oilers in 6
Nick Alberga: Jets in 7
Sarah Nurse: Oilers in 6
Gord Stellick: Jets in 6
Ryan Dixon: Oilers in 5
Gene Principe: Oilers in 6
Luke Fox: Oilers in 6
Eric Engels: Oilers in 5
Mark Spector: Oilers in 5
Justin Bourne: Jets in 7
Christine Simpson: Oilers in 5
Ken Wiebe: Jets in 7
David Amber: Oilers in 7
Dan Murphy: Oilers in 6
Kyle Bukauskas: Oilers in 5

Colorado vs. St. Louis


Elliotte Friedman: Avalanche in 7
Chris Johnston: Avalanche in 6
Caroline Cameron: Avalanche in 4
Jeff Marek: Avalanche in 4
Jennifer Botterill: Avalanche in 5
Eric Francis: Avalanche in 5
Wayne Scanlan: Avalanche in 6
Colby Armstrong: Avalanche in 6
Mike Futa: Avalanche in 5
Nick Alberga: Avalanche in 5
Sarah Nurse: Avalanche in 4
Gord Stellick: Avalanche in 6
Ryan Dixon: Avalanche in 5
Gene Principe: Avalanche in 6
Luke Fox: Avalanche in 5
Eric Engels: Avalanche in 6
Mark Spector: Avalanche in 5
Justin Bourne: Avalanche in 5
Christine Simpson: Avalanche in 5
Ken Wiebe: Avalanche in 5
David Amber: Avalanche in 6
Dan Murphy: Avalanche in 6
Kyle Bukauskas: Avalanche in 6

Vegas vs. Minnesota


Elliotte Friedman: Golden Knights in 7
Chris Johnston: Wild in 7
Caroline Cameron: Golden Knights in 5
Jeff Marek: Golden Knights in 7
Jennifer Botterill: Golden Knights in 7
Eric Francis: Golden Knights in 5
Wayne Scanlan: Golden Knights in 6
Colby Armstrong: Golden Knights in 6
Mike Futa: Golden Knights in 6
Nick Alberga: Golden Knights in 5
Sarah Nurse: Golden Knights in 5
Gord Stellick: Golden Knights in 5
Ryan Dixon: Golden Knights in 7
Gene Principe: Golden Knights in 6
Luke Fox: Golden Knights in 6
Eric Engels: Golden Knights in 7
Mark Spector: Wild in 7
Justin Bourne: Golden Knights in 5
Christine Simpson: Golden Knights in 5
Ken Wiebe: Golden Knights in 6
David Amber: Golden Knights in 5
Dan Murphy: Golden Knights in 7
Kyle Bukauskas: Golden Knights in 7

Pittsburgh vs. NY Islanders


Elliotte Friedman: Penguins in 7
Chris Johnston: Penguins in 6
Caroline Cameron: Penguins in 5
Jeff Marek: Islanders in 7
Jennifer Botterill: Islanders in 7
Eric Francis: Islanders in 7
Wayne Scanlan: Penguins in 6
Colby Armstrong: Penguins in 5
Mike Futa: Penguins in 5
Nick Alberga: Penguins in 6
Sarah Nurse: Penguins in 6
Gord Stellick: Penguins in 7
Ryan Dixon: Penguins in 7
Gene Principe: Penguins in 7
Luke Fox: Penguins in 6
Eric Engels: Islanders in 6
Mark Spector: Islanders in 7
Justin Bourne: Penguins in 6
Christine Simpson: Penguins in 6
Ken Wiebe: Penguins in 6
David Amber: Penguins in 6
Dan Murphy: Penguins in 7
Kyle Bukauskas: Penguins in 6

Washington vs. Boston


Elliotte Friedman: Capitals in 7
Chris Johnston: Bruins in 5
Caroline Cameron: Bruins in 7
Jeff Marek: Bruins in 5
Jennifer Botterill: Bruins in 6
Eric Francis: Capitals in 6
Wayne Scanlan: Bruins in 7
Colby Armstrong: Bruins in 7
Mike Futa: Capitals in 6
Nick Alberga: Bruins in 6
Sarah Nurse: Bruins in 7
Gord Stellick: Capitals in 6
Ryan Dixon: Bruins in 5
Gene Principe: Bruins in 7
Luke Fox: Bruins in 7
Eric Engels: Capitals in 7
Mark Spector: Bruins in 6
Justin Bourne: Bruins in 7
Christine Simpson: Capitals in 7
Ken Wiebe: Bruins in 7
David Amber: Capitals in 7
Dan Murphy: Bruins in 6
Kyle Bukauskas: Bruins in 7

Carolina vs. Nashville


Elliotte Friedman: Hurricanes in 6
Chris Johnston: Hurricanes in 4
Caroline Cameron: Hurricanes in 4
Jeff Marek: Hurricanes in 4
Jennifer Botterill: Hurricanes in 5
Eric Francis: Hurricanes in 5
Wayne Scanlan: Hurricanes in 6
Colby Armstrong: Hurricanes in 6
Mike Futa: Hurricanes in 5
Nick Alberga: Hurricanes in 4
Sarah Nurse: Hurricanes in 5
Gord Stellick: Hurricanes in 5
Ryan Dixon: Hurricanes in 5
Gene Principe: Hurricanes in 6
Luke Fox: Hurricanes in 4
Eric Engels: Hurricanes in 6
Mark Spector: Hurricanes in 5
Justin Bourne: Hurricanes in 4
Christine Simpson: Hurricanes in 6
Ken Wiebe: Hurricanes in 6
David Amber: Hurricanes in 5
Dan Murphy: Hurricanes in 5
Kyle Bukauskas: Hurricanes in 5

Tampa Bay vs. Florida


Elliotte Friedman: Lightning in 7
Chris Johnston: Lightning in 6
Caroline Cameron: Panthers in 7
Jeff Marek: Lightning in 7
Jennifer Botterill: Lightning in 5
Eric Francis: Lightning in 5
Wayne Scanlan: Lightning in 6
Colby Armstrong: Panthers in 7
Mike Futa: Lightning in 7
Nick Alberga: Lightning in 7
Sarah Nurse: Lightning in 7
Gord Stellick: Lightning in 6
Ryan Dixon: Lightning in 7
Gene Principe: Lightning in 7
Luke Fox: Lightning in 6
Eric Engels: Lightning in 6
Mark Spector: Panthers in 7
Justin Bourne: Lightning in 6
Christine Simpson: Lightning in 5
Ken Wiebe: Lightning in 6
David Amber: Lightning in 6
Dan Murphy: Lightning in 6
Kyle Bukauskas: Lightning in 6

Final Four Picks
Elliotte Friedman: Colorado, Tampa Bay, Toronto, Washington
Chris Johnston: Toronto, Boston, Carolina, Colorado
Caroline Cameron: Toronto, Colorado, Florida, Pittsburgh
Jeff Marek: Toronto, NY Islanders, Carolina, Colorado
Jennifer Botterill: Toronto, Boston, Tampa Bay, Colorado
Eric Francis: Edmonton, Washington, Tampa Bay, Colorado
Wayne Scanlan: Vegas, Toronto, Boston, Tampa Bay
Colby Armstrong: Vegas, Pittsburgh, Carolina, Toronto
Mike Futa: Vegas, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Carolina
Nick Alberga: Vegas, Carolina, Toronto, Pittsburgh
Sarah Nurse: Toronto, Colorado, Boston, Tampa Bay
Gord Stellick: Toronto, Washington, Carolina, Colorado
Ryan Dixon: Vegas, Boston, Carolina, Edmonton
Gene Principe: Edmonton, Vegas, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay
Luke Fox: Toronto, Tampa Bay, Colorado, Boston
Eric Engels: Toronto, Tampa Bay, Vegas, Washington
Mark Spector: Colorado, Carolina, Boston, Edmonton
Justin Bourne: Colorado, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Toronto
Christine Simpson: Toronto, Washington, Tampa Bay, Vegas
Ken Wiebe: Vegas, Toronto, Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh
David Amber: Toronto, Pittsburgh, Vegas, Tampa Bay
Dan Murphy: Colorado, Boston, Carolina, Toronto
Kyle Bukauskas: Colorado, Toronto, Boston, Carolina

Stanley Cup Winner
Elliotte Friedman: Colorado
Chris Johnston: Carolina
Caroline Cameron: Colorado
Jeff Marek: Colorado
Jennifer Botterill: Colorado
Eric Francis: Colorado
Wayne Scanlan: Vegas
Colby Armstrong: Vegas
Mike Futa: Vegas
Nick Alberga: Vegas
Sarah Nurse: Colorado
Gord Stellick: Colorado
Ryan Dixon: Vegas
Gene Principe: Edmonton
Luke Fox: Colorado
Eric Engels: Tampa Bay
Mark Spector: Carolina
Justin Bourne: Colorado
Christine Simpson: Vegas
Ken Wiebe: Vegas
David Amber: Vegas
Dan Murphy: Colorado
Kyle Bukauskas: Colorado

Conn Smythe Winner
Elliotte Friedman: Nathan MacKinnon
Chris Johnston: Dougie Hamilton
Caroline Cameron: Nathan MacKinnon
Jeff Marek: Gabriel Landeskog
Jennifer Botterill: Cale Makar
Eric Francis: Mikko Rantanen
Wayne Scanlan: Mark Stone
Colby Armstrong: Mark Stone
Nick Alberga: Mark Stone
Sarah Nurse: Nathan MacKinnon
Gord Stellick: Nathan MacKinnon
Ryan Dixon: Mark Stone
Gene Principe: Connor McDavid
Luke Fox: Nathan MacKinnon
Eric Engels: Victor Hedman
Mark Spector: Alex Nedeljkovic
Justin Bourne: Nathan MacKinnon
Christine Simpson: Marc-Andre Fleury
Ken Wiebe: Mark Stone
David Amber: Mark Stone
Dan Murphy: Sam Girard
Kyle Bukauskas: Cale Makar
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