The Montreal Canadiens have a future all-star in the making

S. Harper
January 24, 2022  (10:36)

This is going to be a tough sell for some but the Montreal Canadiens might have a future star in London.

That's none other than the Montreal Canadiens 2021 first round draft pick from the London knights defenceman Logan Mailloux.

It was a controversial pick, but this could be a one last gift from the Canadiens former general manager Marc Bergevin. Marc saw the player that Logan is and can be rather than the ones who want nothing to do with Mailloux. Granted he made a terrible mistake, Logan has been doing everything possible to make amends from it.

Marc Bergevin knew if not for Mailloux's past he would of likely would of been a top 10 pick. After having his suspension lifted by the Ontario Hockey League Logan has been impressive with the London knights. Knights head coach Dale Hunter has went on record saying,

"Mailloux will be a great NHL Defenceman, his hockey IQ is next level and he knows when to jump in the play and when to fall back."
If Logan played this entire OHL season at his current pace Logan would have 40 goals and 54 assists as a defenceman, let that sink in for a moment. Marc Bergevin gave the Canadiens a special player.
Logan has showed his sincerity by trying to pull himself from the NHL draft but, the Canadiens believed Logan can change and were willing to give him a second chance. We all have made mistakes in our lives everyone deserves a second chance.
"Being drafted into the NHL is an honour and a privilege that no one takes lightly. The NHL draft should be one of the most exciting Landmark moment in a player's career and given the circumstances I don't feel I have demonstrated strong enough maturity or character to earn that privilege in the 2021 draft. If I would ever have the honour of being selected I would want a fan base to be proud to welcome me to their organization. I know it will take time for society to build back the trust I have lost and that is why I think it is best that I renounce myself from the 2021 NHL draft and asked that no one select me this upcoming weekend. I feel that this would allow me the opportunity to demonstrate an adequate level of maturity and character next season with the London Knights in the OHL, and provide all the NHL teams the opportunity to reassess my character towards the 2022 NHL Draft."
-Logan Mailloux

Credit: London Knights
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