The Habs are one of the youngest teams in the last 25 years to participate in a final

T. Tadi
July 6, 2021  (4:21 PM)

If the Habs made it to the Stanley Cup Final this year, to everyone's surprise, it's in large part due to the arrival of several young wolves on the team. In fact, since the beginning of the series, these young wolves have been breaking (or tying) records, and this happened again on Monday night.

Indeed, last night's game marked the return of Russian defenseman Alexander Romanov to the lineup. A decision that paid off, as he found the back of the net to give the Habs a one goal lead in the third period.
In addition to having an impact on the game's outcome, this decision allowed the Tricolore to make National Hockey League history, as they are now one of only two teams to have fielded at least four players under the age of 21 in the Stanley Cup finals in the last 25 years.
Romanov joins Cole Caufield, Nick Suzuki and Jesperi Kotkaniemi. Caufield is the youngest of the three, turning 20 in January. Kotkaniemi is turning 21 today, while Suzuki and Romanov are both 21.
The only organization to have done better than the CH in this regard in the last quarter century is the Pittsburgh Penguins, who had no less than five players play in the 2008 Grand Final. The names of those players? Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Jordan Staal, Kristopher Letang and Tyler Kennedy.
This young team led by Michel Therrien lost in six games to the powerful Detroit Red Wings at the time. However, they got their revenge the following year by outplaying the same Red Wings in seven games in the finals.
Currently trailing 3-1 in their final series against the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Red-White-Blue are not necessarily in a good position to still hope to touch the Stanley Cup. However, nothing is impossible at this stage of the competition, so this team may still have a trick up its sleeve.
If this is the case, Montreal fans can always take comfort in the fact that the Penguins have been able to bounce back after a setback. Given the performances of the Caufields, Suzukis and KKs of this world, it would be very surprising if we had to wait another 28 years to see the Sainte-Flanelle in the Grand Finals.
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