Tampa Bay mayor taunts the Montreal Canadiens again

T. Tadi
July 7, 2021  (7:34)

On the eve of Game 4 of the series between the Habs and Lightning, Tampa Bay Mayor Jane Castor made a strange wish about her team. She wished that the Bolts would take their foot off the gas and give the CH a chance to win the game so that her favorites could take home the Cup.

Many thought that the politician had put a spell on the Lightning. That's kind of what happened as the CH won in overtime after many missed chances by the opponent.
The mayor met with the media again on Tuesday. She was commenting on the fifth game of the series. It should be noted that the city is on high alert as Tropical Storm Elsa threatens the city. The airport was closed at 5:00 p.m. and there were numerous emergency alerts asking people to bring enough water, food, cash, gasoline and medicine for at least three days.
It appears, like the NHL, that Castor is not at all worried about the game being played. If the storm continues on its predicted path and nothing out of the ordinary happens, it will happen. See what she said when a representative from La Presse asked her if the game was in danger:
"Ooooohhhh no! We're pretty sure the Lightning game will happen and the trophy will be lifted" - Jane Castor
You read that right, she said that the Lightning will lift the cup on Wednesday night at home, just like she had hoped for previously. She also went back to her last statement the day after her favorites lost 3-2.
"I never wanted the Lightning to lose! I learned my lesson: never try to be funny when you are the mayor and you talk about sports! I never wanted them to
lose. I just said it would be great if we won the Stanley Cup at home, which we will tomorrow night. "Jane Castor
You can't say the political lady lacks confidence...
Via La Presse
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