Report: Jack Eichel will miss the start of the season

Published August 22, 2021 at 3:50 PM

The Jack Eichel controversy continues to escalate as NHL training camp approaches. Now we know Jack Eichel will miss training camp and the start of the regular season because of a herniated disc in his neck.

To their credit, Peter Fish and Peter Donatelli issued a statement on July 30 that ignored Eichel's significant disappointment with the Sabres' handling of his medical situation. His agents said they expected him traded before the free agent period began on July 28.

Nearly a month later, Jack Eichel hasn't had surgery and hasn't been traded.
The Eichel family is now looking for a trade before training camp.
This incident definitely explains Jack Eichel's recent tweet.

The Sabres' No. 9 is visibly dissatisfied and hopes to be "released" before the season begins.

Jack Eichel, 25, has five years left on his current $10 million contract. The Sabres were reportedly willing to withhold some of Eichel's pay to assist a deal.

A few teams are still interested in the Sabres player, according to David Pagnotta. He's sure other teams have asked if the price has dropped. He adds that, given the circumstances surrounding Eichel's operation, it's difficult to tell if teams are still interested in him. The Sabres still prefer to move him west.

Jack Eichel's trade destination will be revealed very soon.
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